Margins And Thinking At The Margin

what does the word marginal mean

If you plot a curve between the benefits and costs, the slope is .07. To me, the most interesting bit of terminological confusion is that the word “marginal” has opposite meanings in statistics and economics. In statistics, the margin (as in “marginal distribution”) is the average or, in mathematical terms, the integral. In economics, the margin (as in “marginal cost”) is the change or, in mathematical terms, the derivative. I’ve never seen any confusion in any particular example, but it can’t be a good thing for one word to have two opposite meanings.

In economics, the term marginal is used to indicate the change in some benefit or cost. For instance, the marginal revenue is the change in.

  • The marginal benefit would thus be the sum of the 5 cents in interest plus the 2 cents in feelings of additional security, or $0.07 per additional dollar saved.
  • Designating land unlikely to produce crops profitably.
  • As a monetarist, Milton Freidman suggested that…
  • Or maybe that division is breaking even but would be the first division you would cut unless it starts to show more signs of promise.
  • Not only do businesses compete with one another by adjusting their prices, firms also engage in what economists call nonprice competition, which involves attracting customers through these ways.

There will be the same number of hit movies, but an increased number of marginal films will perform poorly. He testified against increased penalties for sex offenses because he realized that they destroyed the ability of prosecutors to get deals in marginal cases. A plant that grows in water close to the edge of land.

The resulting estimate is an unbiased estimate of m -bar (mu-bar), the population marginal mean. Note that the weighted mean is an unbiased estimate of the weighted population marginal mean .


The issue with “endogeneity” is that people often seem sure about what it means, but it’s hard to pin down a definition. In the context of a specific model, you can use your definition above, but people commonly use the term without reference to any particular model. Look up any word in the dictionary offline, anytime, anywhere with the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app. The difference between the two estimates is marginal. If you describe something as marginal, you mean that it is small or not very important. The role of the opposition party proved marginal. If you describe people as marginal, you mean that they are not involved in the main events or developments in society because they are poor or have no power.

what does the word marginal mean

The definition of marginal is something situated on the margin, something that is only kind-of important, or something that is only a small change. If you buy lemons and sugar, make lemonade and set up a stand on the street corner, but sell only a couple of glasses, your profits will be marginal. In textbook analyses, utility can be scaled such that the marginal utility of a consumption good is equal to the market price. Economics involves allocating resources to meet peoples’ needs and desires for goods and services. Explore the definition and types of economics including microeconomics and macroeconomics and learn about growth vs. sustainability. A constituency in which elections tend to be won by a small margin and may therefore be likely to change hands. A plant that grows with its roots submerged in the shallows at the edge of a pond or stream.

What Is Marginal In Math?

Endogeneity mostly arises due to simultaneity, omitted variables, and measurement error. Find out which words work together and produce more natural sounding English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app. The story will only be of marginal interest to our readers. Martha’s entry was marginally better than George’s. The cowardly French fuck knelt down and marginaled like a bitch.

Adjective Having to do with enterprises that produce goods or are capable of producing goods at a rate that barely covers production costs. In Economics, marginal is used to describe the change in a benefit or cost after an additional unit is produced. When you drive around the block to park your car for a concert or event, you can keep driving around the block waiting for that perfect, free, on-street parking spot to come available. Or, you can weigh the alternative of spending $10 for a paid parking lot spot. What matters is what you do in the next minute, ten minutes, hour, or day.

Learn the definition of gross domestic product and review types and examples. Examine the four components of GDP and different approaches to GDP calculation. Two key concepts in political science are civil society and citizenship. Learn more about the definition of citizenship and multiple citizenship, the duties and obligations of citizens, and the definition and importance of civil society. Public opinion has the power to influence politics, society, and corporate or commercial operations and can be studied to understand its uses further. Learn more about its definition, how it is formed, and how opinion polls can measure it.

Determined by a small margin; having a salient characteristic determined by a small margin. In recent years there has been an increase in violence against marginal groups.

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Of, relating to, or located at or near a margin or edge; also figurative usages of location and margin . A more extensive analysis would have to be conducted to get better estimates of the marginal cost of each activity. Thus, marginal cost pricing preserves efficiency in the irrigation sector but by drawing on public funds may contribute to inefficiency in other sectors. If a good is rationed, price is not marginal utility. Such information should be made available to a large group of farmers at low marginal cost. An added twist in the model is a productivity shock, which changes the value of marginal product of water for farms. The fuel-price increase will have only a marginal effect on the road fuel market.

what does the word marginal mean

Conversely, tornadoes frequently form in marginal environments where it seems like one or more’ ingredients’ to storm formation is missing or lacking. In Bristol West, Labour had a majority of only 1,000, so the seat is considered highly marginal this time around. Subject to a change in sitting member with only a small change in voting behaviour, this usually being inferred from the small winning margin of the previous election. Having reviewed the test, there are two students below the required standard and three more who are marginal.

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We have doubled our computing power at a marginal extra cost. Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge. Learn the words you need to communicate with confidence. Of, relating to, located at, or constituting a margin, a border, or an edge.

what does the word marginal mean

The marginal benefit from the activity is equal to the marginal cost. On a hot day, that first blast of cold air as you step into an air conditioned store gives you a tremendous boost. Each succeeding few minutes, though, may give you less pleasure. Economists say your marginal pleasure or marginal utility–your marginal benefit–diminishes as you experience more. A bus that is half-empty can take on more riders with zero or very little extra cost–perhaps just a few cents more for wear and tear and the cost of gas to haul an extra 150 pounds.

The marginal benefit is the amount by which an additional unit of an activity increases its total benefit. Net benefit is maximized at the point at which marginal benefit equals marginal cost. Approximate the marginal cost for a production level of 300,000 barrels of beer.

Late 16th century from medieval Latin marginalis, from margo, margin- . Relating to or resulting from small or unit changes. What I feel almost protective about, in this really sad elegiac way, is the Multiple Listing Services, scientists believe that the dinosaurs were living a very marginal existence when the asteroid hit. I think the ecosystem in real estate is already just extremely vulnerable. The marginal improvement in the financial and credit environment since the fourth quarter of last year helped the value of transactions to bottom out.

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“Cell mean” is an informal term, and there aren’t any hard and fast rules for differentiating it from anything else in a cell. If you’re reading a contingency table, you can probably figure out if you’ve got a cell mean from the context.

This can be applied to empirical distributions to also apply to things like tables of discrete (categorized/binned) observations, for example. Figure 3 – A revenue function R with a secant line and a tangent line . Figure 2 – A revenue function R with a tangent line at what does the word marginal mean (Q,R). Now let’s compare this slope to the slope of a tangent line to the revenue function TR. Figure 1 – A revenue function TR with a secant line passing through two points (Q, TR) and (Q+1, TR(Q+1)). Let’s label these quantities on a graph of a revenue function TR.

Notes along the pages of the world’s moral history—notes not always quotable in the family circle. We hope the site is a place to enliven our own sometimes-isolated work in these marginal art forms. Mitski’s music grants people whom society often treats as marginal the screaming vividness of main characters, and this is a huge part of its appeal. The U.S. Supreme Court’s power of judicial review was established by the Marbury v. Madison case in 1803.

The report suggests that there has only been a marginal improvement in women’s pay over the past few years. Differences in body weight are typical across a season for most people, and similar to a postseason break, your body will normalize once you’ve returned to full training. The “marginal man” is one who is poised in psychological uncertainty between two or more worlds. This shows grade level based on the word’s complexity. There has been only a marginal improvement in her condition.

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The word “marginal” in common speech or layman’s use sometimes refers to an iffy project. For example, suppose you make sneakers and you have a company division that makes gold-colored sneakers with specialty soles and that division has turned out not to be the big money-maker you hoped. Or maybe that division is breaking even but would be the first division you would cut unless it starts to show more signs of promise. You might refer to that division as being marginal. That usage of the word “marginal” is not what economists mean by the term, although you might be able to see how they are related. The layman’s usage means at the edge or borderline workable. On the flip side of that, you could equally well say that the marginal cost of a producing one additional tomato is 5 additional minutes (1/12th of an hour) of your labor.

The second is what he calls “marginal missions” – stop doing things that are useful but not essential. I think Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, West Virginia — all those what I call marginal states where the pivotal states you’re going to see the kind of fluctuations that we’re seeing. Noun One that is considered to be at a lower or outer limit, as of social acceptability. Adjective Psychology Relating to or located at the fringe of consciousness. Adjective Written or printed in the margin of a book.