So You’re Trying To Stay Sober Without Aa?

With a clear mind, you can focus on what will lead to long-term happiness. You can now focus on loved ones more than before. You can help others in their sobriety, which is proven toincrease happiness.

  • Take one step at a time and break everything into shorter goals.
  • It should not have to be just one way or the highway.
  • This part is acceptable because if you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, this is almost certainly a fact.
  • If you experience these situations, there are other ways to stay sober without AA.

However, that doesn’t mean that people who don’t believe in God can’t benefit from it. Much of the 12-step program involves taking accountability for actions and making amends. That’s a crucial step in any program that deals with AUD recovery. Exercise releases “feel-good” chemicals in the body. It’s the brain’s way of letting the body know that exercise is a positive behavior. Hence, exercise can mimic the same effect of alcohol to some extent. When a person drinks alcohol, it releases endorphins.

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I have days where I want to feel “normal.” Sometimes I even consider what would happen if I did allow myself to drink. However, I can usually snap out of this mindset pretty quickly when I think back to the way my life was when I was drinking.

Use our form below to speak with an addictions specialist today. Let our team of experts in the addiction field help point you in the right direction. Keeping in shape is a huge part of getting clean. Studies show that certain brain chemicals play a role in addiction. It also promotes confidence and structure, which are important to recovery.

  • Got to heal inside or outside A A. Getting FREE..!!
  • It should not be used to replace the suggestions of your personal physician or other health care professionals.
  • That is why alcohol detox and alcohol withdrawal treatment is administered by medical professionals.
  • Neither do I think you should come up with your own program.
  • Naltrexone in particular is prescribed to help people achieve moderation, or control their consumption on social occasions.

You might call someone after you see a family member that makes you feel like a child again, or engage in a healthy activity or hobby if you run into someone from your days of drug abuse. In this way, staying stay sober without aa sober can be supported by proper planning. Decide what you’ll say if someone asks why you’re sober. You can try to avoid the conversation, but it’s good to have a response ready in case that’s not possible.

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Sometimes, you need to take a step back before moving forward. Recovery can be a linear process, yet you might need to go back if you aren’t ready to move forward. For example, you might complete a sober living program yet do not feel prepared to get back in the real world. Then, completing treatment advances you to sober living. Following that, you get back in the real world, where your life of sobriety is just beginning. Despite this, the group is available almost everywhere in the United States.

stay sober without aa

It also reduces cost—even if you pay out of pocket it’s usually much cheaper than regular rehab. You don’t need to quit completely if that doesn’t work for you, nor do you need to “white-knuckle it” using sheer willpower. Medications now exist that can let you cut back or quit gradually, and reduce your cravings. Not only can these make the process less stressful, they often have a higher success rate than AA or quitting on your own. To begin with, other support groups exist, including SMART Recovery, LifeRing, and Secular Organizations for Sobriety . There are also online communities, such as Daybreak, and Sober Grid.

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I stopped attending meetings because a lot of stuff I was instructed to believe became less useful the more “sober” I got. The other day I came across this great article that spells out the very frustration I would feel in meetings. There are sober coaches, counselors, and psychologists out there happy to support you on your recovery journey.

stay sober without aa

What is important to remember here is that recovery is fluid. Our needs change, so our need for various support systems and interventions evolve as well. We don’t have to be rigid in our pathway to recovery. For those who are able to maintain one pathway to foster their recovery, that’s great.

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You see, I have bipolar disorder and AA attendance & “guidance” prevented me from getting a correct dx and treatment. If there was a god, all the praying I did never removed it. Just woke up and decided to not live that way anymore. It was not until I was 6yrs into program where I sought treatment for BP. I struggle with the idea that these people are totally accountable to a god that they cannot define or know what it wants.

  • Whatever you choose, please talk to your sponsor about it before you make your decision.
  • The sober/sober-curious group acknowledges that all of its members do things differently and have different philosophies about drinking.
  • Dr. Paul Linde, Ria Psychiatrist, discusses the different options people have to reduce or stop drinking alcohol.
  • Typically, this means questioning brands that sell T-shirts that say “Wine is My Valentine” or questioning why something like “Rage Yoga” even exists.
  • Individuals who practice a balanced life style of exercise, healthy eating, and friendships with NON-alcoholics -and find their passion in a hobby have the most success.

I have known for years it’s not a disease nor an allergy. Been AA 27 years-builta lifestyle…always bypassed my own gut.had many good have read much.

Staying Sober Without Aa

The editorial staff of is comprised of addiction content experts from American Addiction Centers . Our editors and medical reviewers have over a decade of cumulative experience in medical content editing and have reviewed thousands of pages for accuracy and relevance. Our reviewers consistently monitor the latest research from SAMHSA, NIDA, and other reputable sources to provide our readers the most accurate content on the web. Most importantly, since scientific evidence suggests that there is a genetic pre-disposition for addiction, AA members should seriously consider this before they “reproduce” with another 12 step member. There is a lot of AA marriage, and sadly, a lot of addicted offspring as a result. In practice, for the short term, many find this type of structure to be helpful in the first few years as they come out of the fog of addiction. However, those who hide from life in “the rooms”; and count their sobriety coins may very well be some of the”unfortunates” that Dr. Bob made reference to so long ago.

Your family members and loved ones should understand what you are going through. They likely will not pressure you to join along with them if you feel uncomfortable.

AA certainly provides that to those who decide to join the fellowship. The facts are similar across the board for other addictive substances, like nicotine and heroin. Relapse is a common part of recovery in the alcoholism cycle. Several studies theorize that both internal and external stimuli lead to this. That doesn’t mean that treatment doesn’t work, it just means it needs to be adjusted. A low level of drinking is different for men and women. Women should strive to drink no more than three drinks on any given day.

If other people can check in on you, or if you have an ally to talk to, you’ll be in a much safer situation. It may be possible for you to moderate or quit on your own, but it is dangerous to undergo withdrawal without supervision. It’s best to speak to a doctor first, especially if you have a heavier drinking habit and you expect more severe withdrawal symptoms.

I get to make decisions today, including not going to AA meetings. I have, I hope, now armed myself with more viable tools of recovery. However each step away from the fellowship had to be taken very gently and with great care. Like-minded peer support online was indespensible. Its hard to find a balanced view of AA out there, but I found online blogs from others in a similar situation to be very useful.

Take our alcohol use survey to find out where you stand. At Ria, we offer weekly meetings with certified counselors to help members stay on track and build skills for long-term change. Ria Health offers several FDA-approved medications for alcohol use disorder.

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Got to heal inside or outside A A. Getting FREE..!! The second biggest misconception about recovery is that leaving AA is synonymous with relapse. If someone wants to continue in recovery, they will find a way to do so. Equally, if someone wants to return to use, they can do so in the rooms or outside of them. And we should not shame or ridicule either of those choices. Kelly believes this journey of recovery needs to be more widely accepted. I know of hundreds of people who have successfully left AA and continued in their recovery.